Now available in the UK!!
Now available in the UK!!
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Farr HANDLEBAR TAPE - Black Camo Reflective
Farr HANDLEBAR TAPE - Black Camo Reflective
Farr HANDLEBAR TAPE - Black Camo Reflective

Farr HANDLEBAR TAPE - Black Camo Reflective

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FARR's original RIDE FARR product with it’s unique added hand position and aero options. Designed and developed for Stage Racing, Marathons and Endurance MTB rides.

- 720mm Wide
- 9 Degree Rearward Sweep
- 31.8mm Bore
- 167g / Full Carbon Construction

Full carbon handlebars with uniquely shaped central wings designed to create an additional handlebar position which is more aerodynamic.

Our Carbon Endurance MTB bar gives nothing up in weight (weighs just 167g!), comes in a popular 720mm width (for those Farr rides) and is Bar-End friendly ... choice of 2 colours! Both feature the extra hand positions on the top for comfy adventures and stages!!

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See what the press had to say about these unique handlebars:


 "Yet a little wild from the top. Most importantly though, they seem to be very comfortable and ideal for their intended purpose."


"If you love to chew through kilometres on your bike, and you have your eyes on events with long, open sections, then I think the Farr Barr is a good choice."


“The Farr Bar has been a fantastic addition to my bike setup. While functioning well as a ‘normal’ bar would with my hands in the traditional positions the extra middle hand position has proven to be a go-to for me on longer rides.Not only does the centre position allow me to get my body into a more aerodynamic position but it also allows me to use different muscle groups, meaning I reach the end of a ride fresher and stronger as a whole. I recommend it for any rider taking part in longer Marathon and Ultra-Endurance events.”  
Kevin Benkenstein (Ultra-Distance MTB Racer)"