As some may have noticed .. over the past few months our FARR brand has slowly been separated into 2 different categories :

  • FARR – more for Gravel / Bikepacking / Adventure / General products
  • FARR-ST – dedicated MTB / BMX / Dirt products

Whilst the product differences might seem slight, we are constantly designing and developing new products.

Carbon Aero Bolt-On – our most popular product and a “gravel” accessory

As a brand that started out as being known for more ” GRAVEL-focussed ” products ( a victim of our own success perhaps ) , we quickly realised that our newer products ( like the HEADSPACE 32/50mm stems and ALLOY SUPA-RISER bar ) , that were designed for MTB, were getting ” lost ” amongst our gravel followers and enthusiasts.

FARR-ST Alloy Supa-Riser Bar


What started out as the below :


Has become this – the new BMX category …



With this evolution we have also started to seperate not only the logo/s being used on the products, but also the packaging design and artwork. This is a slow process … and we are about 12 months in at this stage.

We started out as a CYCLING LIFESTYLE brand and want to keep it as such.

Whether we are exploring local trails on a dropbar or flatbar bike, snapping gates at the local or just cruising the neighbourhood, we are first and foremost cyclists. So whatever your preference, ride your bike, enjoy your ride and hopefully we have a product that makes that experience better!

What new products will you see from FARR and FARR-ST in the future? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see …