We just got back from a very exciting Eurobike Show! Always good to see what is hip and happening in the bike game!

Loads of new prototypes and first samples in hand. Give us another week to finish the editing of studio photos etc before we load to the website. keep an eye on our social media channels.

Apart from some very special new designs and components … the FARR OUT frames are now seriously needing to get built and hit some GROADS.

Why the delay? Well, apart from Eurobike, the sourcing of some of the components and parts for a Uber GRAVEL build are just not that readily available – at least not in South Africa.

So, whilst we have been waiting for the right wheelset ( more on that later ) and also a disc brake caliper to arrive ( to fit a special fork – also top secret ) , we have been starting to think about what the production versions should look like!

the FARR OUT prototype – Medium Size ( note : we have some M and L size frames available to purchase )

Hoping to have this frame ready to ride next week!