Well, first was our AERO BOLT-ON .. a simple, lightweight carbon bolt-on that allowed the rider more comfort and yes, the option to GO AERO.

our original AERO BOLT-ON mounted to the CARBON ENDURANCE MTB Handlebar

this “hop-up” has quietly become a favorite with the GRAVELBIKE CROWD and whilst we are very happy about this, we wanted to continue the AERO MTB mission.

AERO BOLT-ON mounted to a Drop Handlebar – GRAVEL or ROAD

So as we continued to explore this new AERO MTB direction, the obvious evolution was a 1 PIECE DESIGN that combined the comfort of the CARBON ENDURANCE MTB Handlebar and the AERO BOLT-ON! Enter the new AERO MTB!

Our All-New AERO MTB Carbon Handlebar

With our newest creation, the 1 PIECE design is now UCI-Compliant which means you can race and participate in your local SANCTIONED MTB events as well as enjoy the comfort and aero-tuck options of this new design.

With limited production capacity , these are handmade in South Africa, we are gradually building up stock levels as we ship these both locally in SA as well as globally via our webshop.

How has the new AERO MTB been received? Pretty darn well!!!! Ramses Bekkenk recently used it when he won the 2019 edition of the 36ONE MTB CHALLENGE ( yes, 361km of mountain biking ) and smashed the race record in doing so!

thank you Ramses!!!


Ramses Bekkenk in full AERO-TUCK position at the 36ONE MTB Challenge – winning it in a new RACE RECORD TIME!

Ramses Bekkenk RACE RIG – complete with new our new AERO MTB front-end.

Keep an eye on our social feeds as we continue to develop new products for both AERO MTB and AERO GRAVEL options ….


the RIDE FARR Crew.

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